Stylized rock generator



Using the parameters you can control rock shape and distribution. Best to start with just the primary shapes enabled and work your way up. Works well for floors or cliffs. Comes with a few presets to get started.

Update: Snow and moss options added. Cleaned up and made performance tweaks.

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: StylizedRock.zip
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over 3 years ago

This is effin Amazing. Thank you.

over 3 years ago

no just stylized, usable as well for "realistic"...

over 3 years ago

Also thanks for including the SBS.

over 3 years ago

wow, this is sick

over 3 years ago

the 7z file isn't extractible for me, and I'm using 7zip (unsupported compression method), maybe my 7zip is too old? (4.57)
Any solutions

over 3 years ago

What if I wanted to add moss or snow to the rocks?

over 3 years ago

can you upload a zip file? Thank you

over 3 years ago

You really are amazing. Thank you.

over 3 years ago

Wwwaaaaauw ! Neeed. Hammer!!! Heavily awsome

over 3 years ago

@rock_head64 I'm in the process of reworking a lot of things, I can add some snow and moss while I'm at it. I will probably upload a new version later today @ilm1429

over 3 years ago

Really good. thx

over 3 years ago

Astonishing. Thank you so much.

over 3 years ago

You rock

about 3 years ago

Merci !

almost 3 years ago


almost 3 years ago

You are a living legend. Tales will be told of your endeavours to innocent children around campfires.

"Come, gather around my little ones, let me tale you the story of the greatest PBR rock material ever created..."

Their eyes wide with amazement, the story carries on, from generation to generation.

May it's yarn never cease, may the material live on forever.

All hail Jonny10, for we owe him our gratitude.

over 2 years ago

Awesome, dude!!!!

over 2 years ago

Thank you. So very adaptable and enlightening. I'm wondering if it's possible to align the rock edges with an actual mesh of rock whilst retaining the bumpy details so to make rock models look less chaotic?

almost 2 years ago

Just found this gem and've been tweaking it for ages, people have started to look at me funny, thanks for this awesomeness dude.

11 months ago

fantastic rock material, thanks!

8 months ago

Great material!

5 months ago

Could you upload a tutorial video of some kind?

3 months ago

thanks : )

about 2 months ago