*Fixed File Structure. (Again)*

This is my first Substance using Substance Designer.
I downloaded the Demo to give the contest a go. Learned a lot in just a few weeks. Wes' tutorial videos helped a lot! Thanks Wes!
I wish i had more time to polish it, but time is up, it is what it is.

All procedural except for a quick svg mask on the rocks just to dot out a few at the end.

Uploaded: over 5 years ago
Updated: over 5 years ago
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File Name: Onyx_Sands.7z
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over 5 years ago

It's cute! It actually fits a stylized theme kinda well. :)

over 5 years ago

Thank you. Actually that's where i should have entered it. It was my intention to not go for realism but to just be artistic with it.
It started realistic, but PawnWizard had already entered something similar that i was initially going for, and it was really cool, so i changed course mid stride and entered it literally at 11.57 PM. I will do a little more work on the roughness and sand, possibly the shells and rocks, and call it good. Thanks Again.

over 4 years ago

Thank you ever so kindly for this! :3