Here is a Painted Look Ground Substance,
there are Many configurable variables to create a wide variety of styled ground materials.

There are many types of foliage, and foliage colors to create a variety of different looks.
Soil, Rocks, Grass, Clovers, Daisies, Leaves, LongGrass Clumps
all with a variety of options to alter to your liking.

color variations pre-defined, so as to have higher quality, less work and guessing for user.
- 14 variations of color for foliage, swamp, dry, dead, burnt, ashen
- 6 variations of color specifically made for autumn leaves, but for leaves can also use the 14 foliage variants. , dry, dead, and colorful
- 9 variations of soil color, black soil, clay, average, dry, desert
- 7 variations of rock color, varied, desert, dark, mossy, some to appear buried
- 7 variations of daisy flower colors, common colors
- 5 variations of clover flower colors

there are 2 optional input images, to give a mask for grass color variation, to create dead grass or charred or ashen grass, swamp grass etc.

+ New Version, fixed "Rocks 2 Over Grass" (blend node shouldve been Copy not Max) and added "Wet" Boolean (the nodes and etc were setup, but it was not added in the Input Parameters) Apologies!!

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over 5 years ago

Really nice and versatile substance - thanks!

almost 5 years ago


over 4 years ago

super cool

almost 4 years ago

It's amazing!

over 3 years ago

excellent texture

almost 3 years ago

thank you!

about 2 years ago

Thanks for the texture

about 2 years ago

amazing texture~

over 1 year ago

Totaly great , so helpful.