Posterize filter. I discovered that default quantize node works not the same way as posterize in Photoshop so I made my own version; also added extra options such as blur, slope and anti-aliasing.

Useable in Substance Designer and Painter. In Painter can be used as filter or generator. I set max blur to 8 so it is easier to use slider.

For some reason blur is much stronger in Painter than in Designer. I didn't clamp slider so you can manually type 64 and it will work in Designer.

Blur and slope applied before posterize, and Anti-aliasing after it.

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over 4 years ago

If you're talking about Painter, then you will need to drag sbsar file into filters tab (from generators in wont work that way), and then drag'n'drop posterize above layers stack.

If you're talking about Designer, then you will need to split channels with RGB-A split node, make 3 posterizes for each channel, then merge again with RGBA Merge (add white color to A channel)

Anyway, posterize and cutout in PS are the same effect.

over 4 years ago

how to use a photo`s color to colorize it? the final result like ps `s cutout filter

over 4 years ago

Thank you :)

5 months ago

THANK YOU! just what i was looking for