This was made to allow me to fulfill a childhood goal; to make my own 'magic eye' images. This generator uses Substance Designer's Pixel Processor to perform a pixel-pushing warp effect. Every other warp effect I've come across 'pulls' the pixels from the input image to the resulting image, while a single-image stereogram needs the pixels to be PUSHED into place instead (because the repeated pixels of pull-based warps interrupt the 3d effect).

To use this function, plug in a tilable pattern (which should be repeating eight times along the X axis, if you don't want seams) and your depth-map or heightmap, and a stereogram will emerge. If parts of your shape seem to get subtracted from other parts when viewing in 3d, adjusting the height parameter to the right setting will fix it. The right setting depends on the size and density of the heightmap.

I find it works best at a 1024/1024 resolution. Any bigger and it's too hard to focus on, any smaller and details get lost. Enjoy!

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almost 5 years ago

This is incredible! I've always wanted to make my own magic eye images! What a neat generator, thanks for the good work!