Fast Approximate Anti-aliasing (FXAA)


Does subtle AA to edges, fast and often better than straight blurring a rough mask.
To have a stronger effect stack mutliple.

Uploaded: about 5 years ago
Updated: about 5 years ago
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almost 5 years ago

does this only work in 8 bit? - i apply it to a 16 bit height map and it ridges things up. can't really see what this is doing.

almost 5 years ago

It subtly smooths strong edges, works well on aliased masks. If you want to smooth a height map try super sampling as in generate at twice the resolution and use a Transform2D node to scale down with bilinear filtering.

almost 5 years ago

One of the downsides of FXAA is the introduction of artifacts especially on gradients, so I'd use it on aliased masks only and I'd chain multiple together for a stronger effect.
I assume gradient noise or gradients in general for the height field. This should work with 16 bit images regardless.
If you want to get rid of aliased edges in a mixed mask, mask the parts out that should not be affected and composite the masks together. The algorithm has edge detection and should apply the filter only there but it ain't perfect by far.

about 3 years ago

This is great! I'm using it quite a bit.