A general purpose mask generator I created for Painter. It uses World Space Normals, Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Position XYZ and Thickness baked out by painter with the default settings.There are blurs, powers, contrasts and inverts to help dial in what you're looking for. Combine it in a stack with fills, filters and different blend modes to find that exact look you want. Spin the dials and go crazy!

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Version: 1
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over 5 years ago

This is really good. A really fast way to get a lot of masking done. Thanks so much! :)

about 5 years ago

good bro

about 5 years ago

love it! thanks for sharing

over 4 years ago

Many thanks, mate. This should be a standard feature, it's incredibly useful.

wow thats cool!

over 3 years ago


over 1 year ago

love it! thanks for sharing

9 months ago