Generates a test pattern for examining the Texel Density of a 3d model asset. The pattern tiling is driven by the Output Size by the power of two as well as the following parameters:

Texels per Unit - Offsets the tile of the pattern. Range is from 256 to 8. Default is 32.
Pattern Detail - Allows for selection of an additional shape or none at all. Useful for checking the crispness of edges based on texel size.
Color By Texture Size - Blends between two colors based on resolution.
Color Max Texture Size - Highest Resolution to blend color between Green and Red.
Color Fix Bug - This adds an offset to get around a bug observed in the Substance Engine when using the $sizelog2 variable in external applications such as Unity. Use this if the colors don't look correct.

Both the sbs and sbsar files are provided so feel free to take a look and create your own patterns.

V4 Notes:
- Fixed issue with pattern tile was clamping to 2 when resolution was set to 256. The minimum tiling of the pattern now clamps at 1 when resolution is set to 128 by default.
- Color tint now begins to fade to blue when going below the tile amount of 1.
- Added Color Fix Bug parameter.
- Removed Pattern Tile parameter as this tends to cause confusion on how the checker pattern represents texels per unit which functionality has now been given to the Texels Per Unit parameter.

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