Polished Marble material, 100% Substance Designer.

Uploaded: over 4 years ago
Updated: over 4 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: PolishedMarbleFloor_01.zip
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over 4 years ago

A great looking substance with a lot of clever techniques for generating those marble patterns.

over 4 years ago

Really stylish. Thanks.

over 4 years ago

Yeah Awesome man Good Work!

about 4 years ago

Uhhhhh......wow. Just....wow.

over 3 years ago

Looks amazing, nice work!

over 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing!

almost 3 years ago

The best material ever!!

over 2 years ago

Paul...y u so awesome mang? I need to look at your tutorials so I can be boss like you

over 2 years ago

Thanks a lot!

over 2 years ago

looks sexy, nice one man

over 2 years ago

thanks. looks great!

almost 2 years ago


over 1 year ago

Thanks for the texture