This node, originally made for our Panel and Vent Maker tool, combines Transform and Symmetry options to manipulate multiple channels at the same time.

Check our Accessory Pack demo video:

...and our Basic Functionality one!

*The GIF above shows ST_Transform_Symmetry node working with our ST_Multi_Splatter_Radial node and Panel and Vent Maker tool.

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Uploaded: about 5 years ago
Updated: about 5 years ago
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about 5 years ago

Great nodes! Ive bought the whole package and its amzing. Thank you!:)

about 5 years ago

Thank you, svatlas2000! Glad you enjoy our tools! :)

almost 5 years ago

This node is great, but to have a bit more control, would it be possible to add a rotation parameter? or for that I should just use the multisplatter with only 1 splatter count? Thanks nevertheless!

almost 5 years ago

Hi amartinez1660,
In the node, under the Transform parameters group, the first parameter is a rotation control. You should have the same controls as Substance Designer's default transform node. You can either type in an angle and click apply, or you can use the handles in the 2d View. I hope that helps, and thanks for downloading the node.

almost 5 years ago

Thanks for the reply!
This is not directly related to your node, but the way Substance handles transform nodes: I meant that usually 'transform' nodes are complicated. If I want 45 degrees and come back at some point to a reset rotation I can't or have to type in what would be the 'inverse' rotation to revert it. The handlers do not exist also in other places such as: parent graph (double clicking in empty space where full graphs options are shown) or for example in unity we just get 4 floats (for the 2x2 matrix).
I was referring to a 'slider' that rotates, how would you proceed to add this? maybe a node before that takes care of this with an expression?

over 3 years ago

you dont have NORMAL chanel to transform (((