Compatible Maya 2013 and above (not Maya LT). Windows only.

This script is an integrated interface inside Maya to call the Substance bakers via our BatchTools. It handles quick exports and conversions to output all the textures that you want. You can also process multiple meshes at once if needed. You can also use the script to process custom substances (sbsar) over you baked textures to batch multiple meshes.

- Current version : 0.7
- Details and Changelog :
- Documentation :

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almost 3 years ago

oh great
its really helpfull for me and maya user thanks a lot. :)

over 2 years ago

这个怎么用啊 ,没看明白 。

over 2 years ago

@cuizengxin : Please read the documentation

about 2 years ago

hey everyone! just downloaded this, but i can't get it to work. i keep getting 'the tangent space plugin dll file doesn't exist'. i'm not sure what i'm doing incorrectly. i am using maya 2017 if that helps with any solutions...thanks!

almost 2 years ago

This would really be nice for Maya LT. Autodesk really needs to let Python work in LT. Too many indies use LT for them not to do it.

Nice work.

almost 2 years ago


almost 2 years ago


almost 2 years ago

Excuse me, should I ask where could I find the "tagentSpace plugin"? thank you

over 1 year ago

Hey, thanks for the reply! How do you download it? it says it comes with substance designer but I cant find it. I have a student Licence is that the reason why it is not showing up?

over 1 year ago

Hey, where will I find the location of the BatchTools, I cant find them in any folder and I cant find a download link. I am using Maya2016 and the plugin has installed fine, I am just unable to set the Batch path? thanks :)

over 1 year ago

The Batchtools have been replaced by SAT. More information over here :

over 1 year ago

^ So does that mean this plugin will not work with SAT? It's throwing errors in 2018 - trying an alternative gui for now.

about 1 year ago

its awesome! pls update with the substance designer 2018,add some bake “use sekw” . thank u

11 months ago

+1 please update for s.d. 2018 thanks

9 months ago

i have a question: What is the difference between doing the map bake here in Maya compared to doing it when I load the model in substance and I give it to display properties and then to bake all maps?