Collection of frearson screw decals. From tool properties you can select with selector slider different variations of screw.

Uploaded: almost 5 years ago
Updated: almost 5 years ago
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almost 5 years ago

that fixed it, niko. i extrated it directly in the folder

almost 5 years ago

What version of painter and where you put it.

almost 5 years ago

Substance Painter 2, stef. I don't get why i can't use these mixed with other materials. I might need to make a substance for screws and materials as in substance painter 2.

almost 5 years ago

Hi I have tested it in substance painter 2 and after I extracted the zipfile I just dragged and dropped sppr file into tools shelf.

about 3 years ago


over 1 year ago

Not worked Substance painte 2018