Atlas Maker is a Substance Utility for creating texture sheet atlas in Substance Designer.

Check the full tutorial series on creating texture atlases and using this tool on the Learning Support thread.

Uploaded: almost 4 years ago
Updated: about 3 years ago
Version: 2
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Size: 2.53 MB


over 3 years ago

A node that can save many hours in production. Thanks a lot for making it public!

over 3 years ago

Awesome Tool!! i think this will come in handy on a castle I am starting.

over 3 years ago

Thank Wes , very usefull utility.

over 3 years ago

This is such a great addition.

over 3 years ago

Does this version still have the offset issue with textures smaller than the target?

over 2 years ago

I'm afraid we can't set offset above 2048px in 4k textures, why ???

over 2 years ago

I'm sorry for the offset issue above 2048. I will take a look at fixing the issue.

about 2 years ago

Is there a work around for the offset bug?

almost 2 years ago

Does it work with Designer 6.0.3?

almost 2 years ago

hi Wes, I think there might be a bug in the calculation of the tile mask size.
for the sake of testing, I've created a 1024 img in PS, then masked a 1024x256 pixels and imported that into SD. in SD I used the atlas maker node and set my resolution gate to 1024, then the tile mask size to 1024x256. the result is smaller by 2-3 pixels than the map imported from PS.
you can see my test results here:
love this tool, hope you can get it fixed :]

about 1 year ago

Thank you for making this plugin available!

8 days ago

Great utility! although is there any plans to enable non square textures/materials be correctly scaled and tiled I cant seem to get this to function as expected. It seems to only work with square Thanks again!