Procedural rocky ground material. For a full tutorial on how this substance was created, check the Learning Forum thread.

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almost 4 years ago

Little puddles of water really adds a lot. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

almost 4 years ago

Wonderful, Wes, thanks so much for sharing and having a tutorial showing how this was created!
Btw, I'm loving this site, very sleek and clean - excellent implementation - congrats, 'Alle!

almost 4 years ago

Anyone else missing the "stone-background.jpg" file in the sbs file?

over 3 years ago

can a 2D texture have built in 3D effects like friction,hard/softness, bumpiness or would I as a programmer have to write lots of scripts in a physics engine to do that. Do the materials have built in weights, densities, Physics Components that effect the say break-abillity in a video game. I am just a beginner AT UNITY3D so I'm just trying to learn. My guess is I have to do my own complex code to do this. Sorry if it's a stupid question. Do you guys also create fully physics programed 3D materials or just 2D art textures to apply to your own assets from say Maya 2016. I plan on someday being able to easily do all that myself but right now It could help me to know if I can actually learn how to use say python in Maya to connect specific physics properties to assets I create based on their 2D covering. If so where is the best place to learn Unity Maya and 3ds Max and Mudbox all in a project form. I made frog's and logs from a teamtreehouse tutorial but I need to now how to make all my own assets and physics properties and all that. Is there a better way for beginners to try to make a serious game. Is there an engine better for beginners and advance than Unity. Is Blender better than MAYA. I was just checking out havoc and that looked good but where would I learn how to use it to make my own physics engine and what is the most important language to program in. Right now I'm obviously learning C# in Unity. Should I have fully studies your site before asking this question. Well whatever if anyone wants to enlighten me I'd be very grateful to you when I make my first hit video game which I will.

over 3 years ago

Joey, the water you see on this material is not dynamic. It is basically just a masked area with a different roughness value. What you see on this sphere is really just a combo of images that are combined by the engine to create the "water" and "rock". I'm pretty sure you would need to have multiple materials on separate pieces of geometry for any physic based effect work. Having said that I don't think any complex code is required to achieve what you are describing. I would just start searching youtube and see what comes up, there are a ton of great tutorials available there.

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hen hao,xie xie

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he haohaohao

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Very nice. Thanks

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Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you!!!

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Many thanks!

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thank you .

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Really great !