AO_Curvature filter



You can get easy AO and Curvature channel from your layer height map in Substance Painter.
You have to add AO and User 0 channel.
Would you check the movie how to use this filter.

Uploaded: about 4 years ago
Updated: about 4 years ago
Version: 2
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about 4 years ago

cool, thank you!

about 4 years ago

Thank you!

about 4 years ago

Hello Hiromi. Thanks for your filter. I think this would save me sometimes and give me more control on these 2 maps.
Can you make a tut about how to use this filter? I follow the steps on your video but nothing happened may be I miss a step somewhere

about 4 years ago


1. You create both AO and User0 channels.
2.Drag and drop the ao_curvature filter to the top of the layers.
3.The blend mode of the height channel in the layer with ao_curvature filter change to passthrough.
4.Paint the bolts or other new parts in the lower layers .
5.chek the AO and User0 channel.

If you want to affect your weathering filters , you must export the new AO and User0(curvature) and import them.

Would you check them?

about 4 years ago

hey, I've just tried this but it doesn't work. There was no SBSAR file attached, so I've published it myself and imported into Painter. However after doing it step by step according to your video I just can't put filter in its slot. Painter doesn't recognize it as a filter. Could you check how does it work in Painter 2.1 or reupload the file with SBSAR version?

about 4 years ago

I followed the video exactly, but it looks like the AO component may be broken with the latest version. I say this because I used the filter successfully before the recent painter update. Could you maybe verify that it still is working? Or release the .sbs file?

about 4 years ago

Thank you for your report.
I fix the problem.
Would you download again?

about 4 years ago

Hey, I have checked this again and it works! thanks for providing tutorial and SBSAR file

about 4 years ago

except ambient occlusion still doesn't work, it's just black. AO set to replace but it doesn't work with mixing too.

about 4 years ago

never mind, it worked

about 4 years ago

Anthonyshenko, mine still shows up as black, how did you fix that?

about 4 years ago

The modified version was approved by Allegorithmic yesterday.
Would you re-download it today?

over 3 years ago

Great! Tell e-wallet, it was fashionable to thank you for your work

over 3 years ago

But I have one request, can you make this for thikness map?

almost 3 years ago

very very thank you!!!!

over 2 years ago

cool ~!

almost 2 years ago

Does this filter also create work for hard surface normal stamps?