This mask is a relatively good mask to add a layers of ink-like pattern to a scene. It applies a cross-like pattern that appears either as lines or as crosslines around the edges angles and wherever the Ambiant Occlusion (AO) is high (so whererever there's a close contact between faces of a mesh).

It can greatly improve the ink-like effect of a Toon/Cartoon shader.
It's a really simple, but as I found it to have great result with my own Toon Shaders, I decided to share it. It comes with 2 examples of Cross textures where both at at 1024x1024.

Personnally, I use it as a mask on a pure black layer on top of all layers and turn off the the layer's height channel. (So no reflection, not color, not lights, etc.)

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Works thank you!!

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Thank you for sharing!

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thank you!!!

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Thank you for sharing too!

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