A painted sci fi floor, made for your gritty future environments.

Uploaded: almost 4 years ago
Updated: almost 4 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Tech_Floor.zip
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almost 4 years ago

Very nice. Thank you!

almost 4 years ago

@astro1derboy you're welcome ^^ I'm glad you like them!

over 3 years ago


over 3 years ago

doesn't work! why?

over 3 years ago

@Emkay hmm I'm not sure. It works for me. :P

over 3 years ago

I am trying to use it in 3ds max, but I receive an error in reading substance file.
Simply, I just downloaded the rar file and Extracted it, and now trying to load the Tech_Floor.sbsar file in substance map
is there anything that I should do before it?

over 3 years ago

I've never tried to use these in 3DS Max before. It plays in Substance Player and in game engines though without a problem. As a substance it's not special or different. What you could try is exporting the textures from substance player and assembling the material manually in 3DS. It sucks but it's the best I have for a solution :P

about 3 years ago

how to change the base color with this materials?

almost 3 years ago

It crashes the engine, The other materials works fine but this always crashes my engine(ue4)

almost 3 years ago

hmm that's strange. This is entirely procedural and optimized. It could be that it's just a very old substance. I'll try it in my UE4 and see what happens. If it fails I'll update this.

almost 3 years ago

This material is working just fine in my copy of UE4 (4.16.2). As a workaround you can export the textures from Substance Player and use them in the engine ^_^ I hope this helps AlyDev

over 2 years ago

Thank You!

about 1 year ago

Thanks for the texture

4 months ago


Love it, thanks a lot. really easy to import aswell.