Generates an animated caustics pattern.

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over 5 years ago

Looks fantastic!

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about 4 years ago

I have had an Issue exporting substances because of this and it required me to open it up and update one of the Fractals

about 4 years ago

Hi callumblackall, do you think you could give me more info about this? I've just double checked the dependencies of the graph and the only noise it's using is the Perlin Noise Zoom, none of the Fractals. Could it be something else maybe?

almost 4 years ago

Good one, thanks

almost 4 years ago

Great work.

almost 4 years ago

How in the world does that Phase variable work and do such black magic? It seems like it's in the pixel processor, but I can't open it :3

almost 4 years ago

The Phase just makes the patterns in the fx map cycle from black to white to black again in a looping manner, all staggered so it sorta looks like real caustics, though I'll add some more movement if I revisit this in the future :)

over 3 years ago

a-w-e-s-ome !

over 3 years ago

useful for create vein and artery.

over 3 years ago

Glad you find it useful :)

over 2 years ago

Hello, thanks for this awesome generator :) ! Do you think there is a way to load it directly in the substance designer library :/ ?

over 2 years ago

Hi liquidsaler! You can create a custom library folder and add content to it, and it'll populate your library with the nodes found inside. See the documentation for more details:

over 2 years ago

OH MY! I love this!

about 2 years ago

This is awesome!

over 1 year ago

Hi!, i used you caustics to make a 'meat' material which I think looks cool and will publish soon, Added you on the description as special thanks for your caustics generator! :D

10 months ago

Wanted to say thanks for sharing this really cool generator, it's the very first thing I tried with substance designer.

One question, I'd like to generate a specific number of frames for a spritesheet (32 or 64). I think this is done via the animation frequency but it doesn't entirely work like I'd expect. At the default 1 it loops at frame 30, 60... At 0.5 it loops at 20, 40 frames (I expected 15, 30)... Then with an animation frequency of 0.6 there is no exact match, but it seems like frame 19 (expected a value between 20 and 30, why 19?) _almost_ matches frame 0 (but not entirely).
I'll continue experimenting, but if someone has an idea that would be very welcome.

9 months ago

Hi Kalmiya, to be able to generate individual frames to assemble a spritesheet, I'd recommend doing it on Substance Player - You can use the Export as Bitmap function. It'll let you establish a start and end frames, if you set it to Frame 0 to Frame 63 as 64 fps, it'll render out equally spaced 64 frames the way you want it. The animation frequency is just a time scale, if left at 1, the animation loops at 1 second. Does that help?

about 1 month ago