Greyscale input to tempered steel effect (White = hot). Set layer to Albedo/Diffuse only! (Or specular if using spec/gloss)

Includes .sbs and .sbsar. For simple use in Substance Painter, extract the .sbsar file to your shelf: Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Substance Painter 2\shelf\effects

Colours from 200-330 degrees Celsius. See

My Artstation:


v2: Added independent control to mask and input
(So you can blur and control the falloff of the tempering without blurring the original stroke)
Added switch between two gradients, one strong, one subtle.

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Updated: 19 days ago
Version: 2
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almost 3 years ago

OMG It's so awesome! I will try it on my new sword! I was waiting for this a lot of time! Thank you Bek, nice work!

almost 3 years ago

@nekokawaii11, Thanks, check back soon as the new (v2) version is currently pending approval (download file will be called, it gives a lot more control over the gradient.

over 2 years ago

omg i didnt realise how much i needed this

over 2 years ago

Interesting... Going to try do a burnt exhaust tip with this

over 2 years ago

How to use it?

over 2 years ago

I added this to substance painter, and then as a filter in a substance... I see color space input/output, seed and blur... nothing seems to create the heat effect. What could I be doing wrong?

over 2 years ago

The filter simply takes your greyscale input and applies a gradient to it. So to use this, create a layer and paint a white stroke with a soft brush and apply the filter to that layer (Deactivating all other channels on the layer other than Albedo, if using metalness shader, or specular, if using spec/gloss shader).

Once version 2 gets approved you'll get a lot more control over the mask in the form of more filter controls — they themselves don't "generate" the tempering.

over 2 years ago

Thank you so much Bek from few weeks i am searching this type of heated metal color variations and this mat did splendid job for my metal great work (y)

over 2 years ago

Works great, Bek! Thanks a lot!

over 2 years ago


over 2 years ago

VURY NICE bek <3

over 2 years ago

This is a really great filter.. very effective. However it doesnt seem to cross over seams very well.. am i doing something wrong? is there a work around.

over 2 years ago

Nice stuff Bek, thank you!

over 2 years ago

woah woah woah woah woah

almost 2 years ago

Cool filter!

almost 2 years ago

This is outrageously cool, thank you so much!

over 1 year ago

hi there
is there anyway to change the colours on this?

over 1 year ago


Yes, download the .sbs and edit the gradient in Substance Designer. Or you could try using a HSL filter in painter to alter the hue.

about 1 year ago

DUDE! You just a life saver!

11 months ago

hey man this is really awesome Filter! but i can`t really get it how to use it. Is there anyway to you can make a video Tutorial pls?

10 months ago

Really amazing filter! Works fine in Painter.

Wow that is very helpful thank you !

2 months ago

Wow this is old... Just wanted to say that this is the reason I got substance painter