A rocky ground procedural material

Uploaded: about 4 years ago
Updated: almost 4 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: rocks_dirt_ground.zip
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about 4 years ago

Nice ! Mud please :)

about 4 years ago

Love your materials, Wes. Thanks for sharing.

almost 4 years ago

Awesome! Very helpful, thanks Wes!

almost 4 years ago

It was made by Wes, the Wizard of SD. !!! Brilliant job

almost 3 years ago

Awesome !
Thanks guys. This is what makes the community great and grows the group of users.

over 2 years ago

Great stuff! In the tutorial I got a little stuck in the mud ;) so I am reviewing your .sbs. Thanks!

over 2 years ago

gorgeous mud

about 2 years ago

Thanks Wes!

about 2 years ago

Thanks Guy!!

over 1 year ago

Thank for sharing

over 1 year ago


12 months ago

Thank you, amazing work

10 months ago

Very good job ! Thanks

11 months ago

thank you .

Thank you

8 months ago


about 1 month ago

Thanks man.