Pixelates and dithers an input image with customizable resolution and number of shades.

Uploaded: about 6 years ago
Updated: almost 4 years ago
Version: 3
File Name: Bruno_Dither.zip
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almost 6 years ago


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over 2 years ago

Thanks for letting me know! I haven't tested them thoroughly in Painter, I'll address this on my next update!

over 2 years ago

Hey Bruno, there's a small bug with these, for the resolution a Max of 10 is set, which leads to problems in Painter (Clamp true/false has little effect there). Easily fixed though.

almost 2 years ago

Why is the resolution limit 10? Could this be increased somehow?
I just want to put this on a whole model in painter, but the low resolution limit makes me unable to do this.

almost 2 years ago

Hi brummerke, this is due to an issue raised above that I haven't addressed yet. Could you reach out to me via mail@3dbruno.com? So I can make a fix and send it your way.

over 1 year ago