Made this during one of my Substance Designer Live-Streams, a blast to make such a dynamic Substance. I love to layer and blend 'Grunge' maps together and try getting the best result possible out of these nodes.

Making Substances that are broken or degraded is often times more tricky then super clean and brand new looking materials. However it doesn't take a lot of practice to make Substances like this.

Experiment with layering/blending different 'Grunge-maps' and 'Edge Wear', focus on getting your 'Grayscale' right to have a solid base to work with.

Substance Designer comes with some fantastic 'Grunge and Noise maps', so all the tools are here for you and the possibilities are endless
I hope my set-up will inspire you, spark your creativity and gives you some insights for you to create things similar and something completely unique.

I hope you find it educating and helpfull.

Have a blessed session!

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about 4 years ago

Hello DvanDijck. I have copied your in the material folder of substance painter. But substance painter doesn´t show it in the shelf. With the other materials here in substance share I had never problems. What is my failure ? Sorry, I'm new with substance painter. Thanks for an answer. Greetings and a merry christmas.

about 4 years ago

Hey Mikel,

Thank you for downloading my Substance and great that you reached out to me.

To answer your question, you can't add a 'sbs' file to your shelf you need a 'sbsar' file for that.

The way you get that file is by going to the Explorer window in Substance Designer and right click on the package (that is the folder that contains the graph). Then press export, 'sbsar' file and save it somewhere and drag it into your shelf and there you go that should work.

If you keep having issues feel free to contact me again.

Have a merry Christmas and a great blessed new year!