This substance allows you to rotate a specific part of the image, that you define with a mask.

Include substance Designer and Substance Painter versions.

Uploaded: almost 6 years ago
Updated: over 5 years ago
Version: 2
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over 5 years ago

Does this work in substance painter?

over 5 years ago

Well I never tried it but it should. That said the warp occurs in a 2D referential thus the result in 3d can give some unexpected outputs. Best solution : giveit a try (I'll do the same when I am back from vacation ;-)

over 5 years ago

I'll see how I can improve this (probably another version)

over 5 years ago

Just updated the version: there a new sbsar that works as filter within SP

over 5 years ago

The file transfers to painter fine but when i try to add the filter nothing happens :/

over 4 years ago

Very handy! I was getting artifacts using it but after looking into the pixel processor and changing any filter modes to Bilinear it seems to solve that. It was obvious but just incase anyone else doesn't realise or even see the artifacts I thought I'd mention it. ^^