Breakable Floor Tiles



It's material of Floor Tiles, which contain damage option.
You can change amount of tiles, amount of cracks, amount of broken tiles, color and use your own texture.

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Floor_Tiles.zip
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over 3 years ago

can we have a sbsar file?

over 3 years ago

Soon I will make updating of my material. I will add archive with sbs and sbsar, and add some new features

over 3 years ago

Hey I really like this material but every time i try to export it as a sbsar file, then import it into substance painter, it doesn't recognise it. Is there anything I need to change in substance designer first or am I missing something (sorry for my noobiness I've only just started using this software. Thanks for any help!

over 3 years ago

jsummers, Thank you for comment. If you import sbsar as generator in Substance Painter 2, it will work fine (https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/display/SPDOC/Adding+content+via+the+import+window)

over 3 years ago

Do you still plan to add the .sbsar file? Great material, I'd love to use it, but I dont' have SD.

over 3 years ago

New version is waiting for approwal (already waiting for 12 days). Btw you can take new version now on my gumroad https://gumroad.com/products/hpLqi/

Hi there! this is a great asset indeed. However i just realized that with Painter 2018 it's not behaving correctly. If you lower all damage settings to minimum, but still leave damage ON, it will still show a lot of damage, like an underlying grunge map that wasn't there in the previous Painter version...
Would be great to have a revised version! thanks!