A simple, uber controller for modifying brush alphas inside of Substance Painter.

Simply assign to your ALPHA input on your brush, then assign desired alpha to the ALPHA input in the controller.

In order to allow assignment to your brush alpha, you may need to save this filter in the "procedurals" folder in your shelf.

Uploaded: almost 4 years ago
Updated: almost 4 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Brush_Alpha_Control.zip
Size: 73.5 KB


almost 4 years ago

Amazing tool, big thanks! I wonder could you change Transform | scale maximum parameter from 2 to 10?

almost 4 years ago

Have no idea how to get this working. Where do I have to drag it?

almost 4 years ago

@ballexe1, sure thing, I can do that. I'll have an update for you soon.
@stefanbest0794, You'll need to drag this tool into the "ALPHA" input of your selected brush. Painter may not be allowing you to assign this tool, based on where you saved it in your shelf. If the .sbsar is not placed in your "procedurals" folder, then it may not work.

almost 4 years ago

this is really awesome Brad! thank you.
would be cool to add splatter circular functionality to this to compensate for the lack of radial symmetry :]

almost 4 years ago

Great Tool, Thanks for Sharing

almost 4 years ago

As said zurhoch would be great to have radial symmetry in painter

almost 3 years ago

who can tell me how to use?

6 months ago

Sorry, hope someone can answer it more clearly, because I can't reproduce the usage.

I copied the sbsar and it's icon.png into procedurals, but I have no lclue how to use it. "Simply assign to your ALPHA input on your brush". What to assign? From where? To Alpha input in the controller? There is the alpha already, and that's the one with one I want to draw..... sorry I can't follow these instructions. Can somone please explain that to me for IDIOTS? Thank you! Simply think, I am a super fooll. okey, and be nice! Thank you =)