Grass texture



Una textura de cesped, con posibilidad para cambiar el color desde la base hasta la punta

Uploaded: about 3 years ago
Updated: about 3 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Grass_TuftFresh.sbsar
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about 3 years ago

Hello, it looks great, but how do I use this?

about 3 years ago

hi Takahashi Sora 0 asically has a system of parameters that will help you change the color, roughness, normal and other parameters, you just have to go testing

almost 3 years ago

Is this a single bunch of mesh or planes with alpha and texture?

almost 3 years ago

Hi, Poohchung, this is an alpha texture, you can put it on a plane, and it makes looks like the photo

over 2 years ago

Merci !

about 2 years ago

am not getting any idea to use it...plz help thanks

almost 2 years ago

Such a time saver! Thanks for sharing this lovely texture.

over 1 year ago

Some of you need to start some basic 3d art and game development tutorials if you dont know how to use these things.

about 2 months ago

thx substance treem