Got fed up doing this outside of designer so I made a small utility for it.
When you want to present your textures this quick utility can help you.
At the moment there are 8 max inputs with 5 being the default. You can make it angled or straight and also rotate the seperations. Smoothing out the transitions is also possible. Maybe it's useful for other stuff as well.

Feel free to expand it if you need it.

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over 3 years ago

This is very useful, thank you very much! Shaves off a little bit of time in photoshop. :)

Two suggestions:

1. Add option to automatically name the layers with their appropriate names (Normal, Roughness, etc:). [Tricky but should be doable]
2. Include an easier way to modify the angle of the split (more rotation steps than 4 25% rotations). Currently it's 52 degrees but some might prefer 45 degrees or etc:. This value is linked to only one node (the Transform 2D) so this should be fairly easy.

over 2 years ago

Just What I Want TYSM!!