Quickly outline your material with stylized sketch outline SmartMask

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Hello. I really love this mask, but when I try to import it to the shelve shelve, SP crashes. When I import it to the project shelve the project cannot be saved any more. And ever since I tried import I get this error message: [Data Preset] Invalid preset SketchOutline
[Data Preset] Invalid preset SketchOutline_1
[Data Preset] Invalid preset SketchOutline_2
[Data Preset] Invalid preset SketchOutline_3
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Data Preset] Invalid preset SketchOutline_4
I tested with other smart marks from here , they do not cause that problem...

almost 2 years ago

weydert, could the problem be the version of SP you're trying to use this with? Is it possible that as versions change, functionality of the tools have to change with them?

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Thank you very much

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Thanks you