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Spacing FX

Fx Map that creates Spacing effect on a line or a curve
Clones input on a line, curve
Each individual element can be controlled by Rotation Scale and Grayscale Color value with inputs.
Flow Map Curve

Generates Texture coordinates and Direction based on a curve.
Map To Curve

Maps Textures to curve generated coordinates with some additional transforms
Map To UV

Maps Textures, Normals, Materials to texture coordinates. Works great with a curve and have all additional settings from Map To curve and more.
Data nodes

Data node is a great way to share curve in several generators of Spacing FX tools

Update 190211

Changed behavior of Flow Curve so it's easier to work with normals

Added Map To Uv that will help mapping any input to curve

Map To UV, Map to UV color, Map to UV normal, Map to UV material

Every node expose it's Data node now
Update 190210

Performance update

Follow Curve rotation

Nodes based on Spacing Fx

Flow Map generation

Map To Curve node that maps any texture on curve

ShapeExtrude_spacingFX node setup to mimic ShapeExtrude via Spacing Fx


Original perspective node Inspired by

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 2 years ago
Version: 5
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over 3 years ago

Great tool ! :)

over 3 years ago

sbs file not working,sbsar file working,please solve.

over 3 years ago

It's way cleaner and efficient than my node ! Excellent tool here, thanks for sharing man !

over 3 years ago

My Version 2017.2.

over 3 years ago

@Tom jam 1
can you possibly find me on Allegorithmic discord server and describe you issue better?
Discord link :

over 1 year ago

It would be great if you could actually name the inputs on the nodes. It's hard to figure out what an input does if there is no label on it at all