A great procedural paper material with a simple age slider and a selection of textures.

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Pretty_Perfect_Paper.zip
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over 3 years ago

Thanks Very nice and exactly what I needed.

over 3 years ago

how do you open this?

over 3 years ago

Scratch that. Once the moderators approve the new upload, then you can just download again.

over 3 years ago

when i open the .sbs it says
File not Found
The following dependency could not be loaded:
It was requested by:
D:/Downloads/Pretty_Perfect_Paper/Pretty Perfect Paper.sbs
Do you want to specify a new location for this depedency?

over 3 years ago

Hi justifun. You're right--there are broken references. Thank you for making me aware! It's fixed now; just download again.

about 2 years ago

Awesome! Thank you!

over 1 year ago

Thanks !