Materialize Entry - Felt With Structure



My entry for the recent Materialize Contest on Allegorithmic's website. I promised I would upload the graph after the contest was finished, so here it is!

Uploaded: almost 2 years ago
Updated: over 1 year ago
Version: 1
File Name: Materialize.sbs
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over 1 year ago

sbsar files are also for previewing in Substance Player and for using it in game engines like Unity or Unreal.
You just have to use the publish function. There is a youtube guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seEHvrpXfr8

over 1 year ago

Can we get the .sbsar file too, please?

over 1 year ago

I'm afraid I only ever worked on the substance in Designer, so there is no SBSAR to speak of. I'm not really sure what could be gleaned from using it in Substance Painter anyway though.

over 1 year ago

The material is an MDL, which works with iRay, as far as I am aware Substance Player does not have iRay built in.

about 1 year ago

This is so cool bro thanks