Procedural baroque pattern generator with 20 variations and a random masking option, for even more variations. Fed into the height map of a simple metallic Smart Material and anchored to a grunge mask so that grunge effects collect in crevices of the generated height map using Micro Height Details. Liberal use of Free Line V3 by joeshu:

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almost 3 years ago

Was this made with Substance Designer? How did you do this? Making your own textures? Sorry, I'm new here.

almost 3 years ago

@Melvinw The procedural patterns are made in Designer, by simply taking my favorite and cleaned up versions of the Free Line node output, and plugging the results into Tile Simple node, with parameters exposed for the pattern selection. In Painter, I simply created base metal and grunge layers, then the pattern is placed in the Height of the metal, and then the Micro Detail feature of the new masks is used to add the grunge around the generated height. Hope it's helpful!

almost 3 years ago

@laurieannis Actually it was. Thank you.

over 2 years ago

very nice

over 2 years ago

Great job. Thx

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over 1 year ago

Thank you very much laurieannis!