When a new release of Substance Designer comes out and modifies the structure of the .sbs file format you get a popup message everytime you open a Substance file in Substance Designer that has not yet been saved with this version. This becomes pretty annoying when working with big libraries.

Thanks to WkSBSUpdateDir it is now very simple and fast to update a whole project in one time.

- Copy the file WkSBSUpdateDir.exe in the folder where all the .sbs files you want to update are located.
- Double-clic on it to run it. A Command window will open. Follow the instructions.
- A confirmation query will appear before the batch is effectively run. Once launched there is no smart way to stop the batch though (except by closing the process window).
- A log file is generated at the end of the processing.

It is strongly adviced to create a backup of the folder you want to update before running the batch!

More information and updates here:

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about 3 years ago

This is VERY helpful