Just light tool. Color, roughness/metalness and emissive set. Default color is orange. Just eat orange! Made in SP 2018.1.1

Uploaded: over 2 years ago
Updated: over 2 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Light.zip
Size: 2.67 MB


over 2 years ago

can't seem to be able to import it. looks lovely though!

over 2 years ago

V.S, do you use Painter 2018.1.1?

over 2 years ago

Ah, my bad. I didn't read it properly. Sorry about that! I don't use the latest version.

almost 2 years ago

Can't open at all. Not in designer, painter or bitmap2material. Anyway you could put up another file type? really nice light.

over 1 year ago

The only file included is a preset file, which i believe is no use on its own. Any chance of uploading an sbsar, spsm or sbs?

over 1 year ago

This is super bad! this is just a preset, no different than a png stamp