Designer node similar to directional warp, however capable of warping elements with different strenght depending on iputs height.

Uploaded: almost 2 years ago
Updated: over 1 year ago
Version: 2
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almost 2 years ago

Hey Konrad! Both your nodes seem stuck in 8 bit mode. Even manualy setting them to 16 bit doesn't work.

almost 2 years ago

Thanks for your answer Konrad. I have confirmation by two other people that the sbsar is stuck in 8 bit. This happens to other sbsars aswell tho so i have a suspcion that it could be a bug in SD. I will file a bug report to Allegoritmic.

almost 2 years ago

Due to bug in sbsar workflow I uploaded version with absolute 16bit output for time being.

almost 2 years ago

@flowneppets Thanks for letting me know. I checked now sbsar downloaded from Substance Share and nodes dont work at all. Not only they are as you say stuck in 8bit as you say, but also they dont function at all. I will compare this to sbsar saved locally later and let you know if there is any difference. I am however worried that its the substance share processing, that destroyed the node during validation. Thanks again for letting me know this. It is sad that many people that downloaded those nodes can not make any use of them.

almost 2 years ago

@flowneppets Hey. I double checked Directional Warp Hills and it works alright for me in 16bit. What is happening for you most likely is that both nodes work in a way that they slice input in maximum of 256 layer and warp each layer separately for quality = 16. This most likely gives the 8bit feel and look. I tried a lot of things and there is not much improvement with increase of amount of layers. Computation time for node would also become very slow. I will at some point try to make a better way to avoid "step" look of height after warping, but for now I included blur into the node. I hope this helps. You can check this page where I tried to explain what are the limitations and usage of warp node ( Let me know if that would still not work for you.

almost 2 years ago

@flowneppets Just to let you know, when I export node locally as sbsar it have the same issue, so its not substance share related, but designer in general. Its a shame and I am sorry for all the people that downloaded those nodes and were disappointed when trying to use them.

over 1 year ago

Node should be now working in 16 bit after latest update approval