This shader includes:
- ACES tonemapper to match default UE4 and Unity tonemapping
- Switchable frontal light
- Switchable Sun & Sky system when using an environment map that doesn't already contains a bright sun (when exporting an environment map capture from a game engine).

Uploaded: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Version: 1
File Name: pbr-metal-rough_aces.glsl
Size: 4.41 KB


10 months ago

Thank you, really appreciate all the hard work!

10 months ago

Jeremie, but that only applied to the pixels on the object, not to the whole scene as post-process. Is there a way to do it for the whole frame, including Environment map?

10 months ago

Not yet unfortunately but hopefully soon we'll have proper color management and tone mapping in the viewport.

9 months ago

Amazing, thanks so much!