Generate glitter, needs lots of UV texture space for it it to look nice, controls should be fairly self explanatory just wanted to mention the mask. In the attached render I unwrapped a separate UV space just for the glitter then overlayed it over the base material for example (and rendered jsut the glitter out at 8k :) )

You can apply a mask that will limit where the glitter appears (this stops it getting chopped off if you apply a mask over the top instead)

(drop mask in then got to the mask properties and move the slider to 1 or as much as needed)

This will generate a new mask that matches the glitter shape, in painter you can use this two (or more) ways.

1) create a user channel and map the mask channel to that then you can output that as a texture along with your other textures if you need it in other programs.

2) use it as an alpha mask under channel mapping this stops things like default roughness etc. interfering with outer layers (see screen shot)

A cool trick to use mask generators and painted masks is to create a fill layer under the glitter layer, add a mask and do whatever you want with it then turn all the outputs off and anchor the mask, then you can reference the new anchor as the mask input.

If you are using a mask and want one continuous set of glitter use the glitter scale option rather than tiling (unless you want the mask tiles as well of cause)

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