Maya To Painter is a plugin for Maya and Substance Painter that lets the user export meshes to Painter faster. It has features for sending high- and lowpoly meshes, and automatically baking when the meshes have been loaded.

* Windows only

Version 1.0.1 - Fixed a bug where the bakingParameters Json-file became empty after an export.

Uploaded: about 1 year ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Version: 2
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about 1 year ago

Great plugin!

about 1 year ago

Can I import from substance painter?

12 months ago

Hey gys can you help me how to import maya to painter,

11 months ago

Chen, try reinstalling the plugin. That should fix your problem!
It seems like the JSON file that holds the baking parameters got cleared for some reason. I'll try and look into it.
Thank you for the report.

11 months ago

It breaks down after one use
// Error: line 1: KeyError: file C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/maya/plug-ins/ line 821: Output_Size

9 months ago

Reloading won't do either
// 错误: line 1: KeyError: file C:/Users/Yangzhongyi.PC/Documents/maya/plug-ins/ line 821: Output_Size

8 months ago

robcazin, It doesn't work for Mac currently, sorry about that!

8 months ago

Shawn Daniel, I haven't tested it on Mac, but it might work. I'm pretty sure the installer won't work though, so you'd have to install it manually.

8 months ago

does it support mac

8 months ago

Also getting an error here on Mac
Error: line 1: IOError: file /Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/plug-ins/ line 817: 2

6 months ago

How to install and use it? Thank you

4 months ago

Hi, in maya 2018.3 line 1: IOError: file D:/Documentos/maya/2018/plug-ins/ line 818: 2,
Error: line 1: IOError: file D:/Documentos/maya/2018/plug-ins/ line 705: 2
this support SP 2019.2.3.3402? TNX