Courtyard Gravel 01 - 4K scan



gravel material created from scanned data

texel density = 1x1m²

scanned with an EOS 1300D, color checker and ring flash.

for more procedural materials, scanned materials and various game related projects, please visit https://www.artstation.com/hazeh

v2: slightly reduced the size of the file.

updates appear to be stuck, find the latest versions of all my files on https://gumroad.com/jeremiemakuchowski

Uploaded: over 1 year ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Version: 3
File Name: CourtyardGravel_01.sbsar
Size: 51 MB


over 1 year ago

@Stevenverx Thanks for the comment. Sadly I'm not sure I can compress the file more while maintaining 4K bakes. The file only contains one 8bit 4K color map and one 32bit 4K height map.
If this really turns out to be a problem for people I'll make a 2K version available.

over 1 year ago

It's a great material, but the file is huge

over 1 year ago

Yea if you can make a light version (2k or even 1k), but you did a great job !

over 1 year ago