Sloppy brick wall substance archive

parameters include brick amount, grout level, weathering options and 20 color/roughness presets per component.

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v2: fixed missing bevel and edge damage
v3: added spec/gloss outputs and a workflow parameter for switching between metal/rough and spec/gloss outputs. Also some UI cleanup and added misc parameters.
v4: locked flood fill to 2K so the material now supports lower resolutions than 2K. reworked grout level logic so the grout conforms better to the bricks. added subtle surface detail to grout and bricks

Uploaded: 3 months ago
Updated: 28 days ago
Version: 3
File Name: JM_SloppyBrickWall_v3.sbsar
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3 months ago

I forgot to plug in a section of the graph in the first uploaded version, sorry for the inconvenience.
a new version has been uploaded and is being processed.

3 months ago

Outstanding. Thanks!

about 2 months ago

Nice material! Very versatile. indeed Thanks

3 months ago

Great material! Very versatile. Many thanks