Customized version of the PBR shaders that supports SubSurface Scattering in Substance Painter to use the Transmissive channel instead of an uniform color.

The shader is available in both Metal Rough and Spec Gloss PBR workflows. To make this shader work you need at least Substance Painter 2018.2. The shaders also support Alpha Test and therefore the Opacity channel.

The shaders provide a new Subsurface Scattering parameter named "Source Type" with the following values :
- Transmissive (use only this channel for color and intensity)
- Transmissive + Scattering (combine both for color and intensity)

This shader may not work on MacOS because it use too many channel.

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over 1 year ago

very nice!

over 1 year ago

How use in the sp? i was insided this shader and open ,but nothing changed

over 1 year ago

@Thenking You need to add a Transmissive channel, see the texture set settings. As for using the shader itself, you need to change it in the Shader settings, see :

about 1 year ago

@Xodroc Alpha Blending doesn't support SSS in Substance Painter, so that's not possible to make a shader that combine the two. It is better anyway to separate your transparent parts into a new Texture Set to avoid any face sorting issue.

about 1 year ago

Works great!
Would it be possible to add Opacity with Alpha Blending? I have a character with a lot of hair cards but want to see SSS too. Thanks.

3 months ago

I tried shader on MacOS but it shows a syntax error

ERROR 2:21: 'basecolor_tex : syntax error