An unstable source of magical energy. It was important for me to make it very customisable so that I could associate different colours and shapes with a range of different mechanics in game.

Files included :
- .sbs
- .sbsar

Inputs include :
- Variants (For quickly getting a different look. That is not randomised, instead the material will appear increasingly unstable as you input a higher number).
- Base colour hue.
- Light colour hue.
- Light intensity.
- Light harshness.
- Toggle small fractures.
- Scale cracks.

**Anyone is free to use this for non commercial purposes. This was made with a student licence of substance designer so I cannot condone using this commercially.**
@richtotheardyo everywhere.

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over 1 year ago

thank you :)

over 1 year ago

Glad you like it ^^

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over 1 year ago

Thanks very much for this awesome material. It's perfect for my project! And thanks for including the Designer file. When i get better at Designer, I'm going to enjoy reverse engineering this material to see how it works. :D

over 1 year ago

Happy to hear it! I'm been grateful for all the cool stuff I used that others have put out for free, so I'm glad I can finally make things that others want to use and give back to the community ^^

G'luck in ye're designer shenanigans!

over 1 year ago