Because the floor is lava! :)

Uploaded: about 2 years ago
Updated: about 2 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Stylized_Lava_Rock.sbsar
Size: 26.7 KB


about 2 years ago

Can't add it to my Substance Painter
Any ideas?

Also thanks for the upload

about 2 years ago

I just downloaded this file to make sure it was uploaded correctly and imported it to Painter 2019.1.2 and it worked fine. What version are you using?

almost 2 years ago

the file just has the outputs saved, nothing else was in the substance file for me.

over 1 year ago

Can't put in the actual lava no matter how much I tinker with the settings, always appears as coal.

over 1 year ago

Have you enabled emission?

over 1 year ago