Tree rings to put on the sides of planks for that extra little detail. This is the first texture I ever made so don't be too harsh :P

Is a full PBR material.

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Updated: 5 months ago
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File Name: Plank_sides.sbsar
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4 months ago

Ah! Yes! I don't know which way it's intended, but if placed properly this could be exactly what I need for an old project I was working on a while back! Drove me crazy trying to find something for the ends of wood planks (via stock images). Thanks!!!

4 months ago

Wow, looks great!

4 months ago

Thank you very much, that warms my heart. Giving it a 5 star rating would be appreciated too :] It's actually very easy to make these things with Substance Alchemist, it's currently a free Beta

about 1 month ago