simple cables/pipes generator with sever types You can choose from.Its done with multi switches controlled by 1 variable. The ZIP archive contains SBS and SBSAR files.

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Updated: 3 days ago
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9 days ago

please upload SBSAR files.

Thank bro, I wait update for you.

10 days ago

Can you share the .SBSAR instead of .sbs ?

8 days ago

Ok thank you Pavel, I'm waiting for this incredible material I want to use it :D

Hi Adam, I uploaded ZIP archive with both files (SBS and SBSAR). Just wait a bit for the link to update.

4 days ago

Great work! The link has not updated, still pointing to only the .SBS though

billredd, I don't know why is this, I uploaded again the archive, I also exposed some of the parameteres now, but still says "pending staff review" like with the previous one :(

3 days ago

@Pavel Can you upload it on Google Drive meanwhile or something ? Pls
or send it by email or something