Ponkke's Tile Sampler (.sbs & .sbsar)



Custom tile sampler made from scratch. Similar to built in tile sampler but has few useful tweaks such as keeping the line width consistent even if there's more tiles in X than Y (or vice versa).

Has Pixel Line Width to have expected results when changing the resolution. Good especially when using with flood fill.

(Special thanks goes to FlashFight aka Phillip Jenné for helping me out with certain functions!)

You can find me on Allegorithmics Substance discord if you have any questions or suggestions what to add.
UPDATE: Now you'll get (.sbs & .sbsar) for free!
Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/eKTJ

Version & Changelog:

Version 1.04
+ Added pattern rotation options
+ Added pattern symmetry options
+ Added an option to affect luminosity by scale multiplier

Bugfixes & Tweaks:
+ Changed rotation slider to an angle widget
+ Fixed a minor issue when 'lock to an angle' was on and
tried to use rotation widget it wouldn't behave correctly

Made using Substance Designer 2019.2.1

Version 1.03
+ Added more Size calculation methods and Pixel Line Size has been moved in there as an option.
+ Added a background color option (Requested feature.)
+ Added control over on Scale input map for X and Y (Requested feature.)
+ Added control over on Scale Random for X and Y
+ Added option to add multiple patterns with input map
+ Splitted Pattern and Size as two different groups

+ Fixed a minor bug when not having anything plugged in an input map slot it 'randomly' used one of the other input maps.

Version 1.02
+ Added Bounding box masking method with controls
+ Added a global offset control
+ Reorganized the sliders a bit to be easier to use and find

+ Fixed a bug not working correctly when setting not tileable

Version 1.01
+ Added checker mask

Version 1.00
+ Release

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Updated: 10 months ago
Version: 3
File Name: PonkkeTileSampler.zip
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about 1 year ago

I really like this a lot! thanks for sharing such stuff!!!!!

about 1 year ago

Glad you like it! .sbs file will be included as soon as the new version gets approved aswell!

about 1 year ago

oh the new version was already approved. Nevermind earlier comment :)