Getting more into SD and doing a few studies. Please rate and leave feedback, let me know if I'm doing something wrong or not doing something at all.

Uploaded: 10 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Version: 2
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10 months ago

Way too heavy 234 mb for a material the hell ?

10 months ago

@Adam MOTZI 0

I looked into the zip I uploaded.

40kb for the main graph
9kb for an editable linked graph (the coin)
17 kb for the sbsr file

233 mb for output png bitmaps files I used to render the image and has nothing to do with the texture other than I felt like itd be nice to include.

Be constructive with feedback please.

10 months ago

I think your description should be more constructive as in detailed to avoid confusion.
Because almost no one will download 230 MB for a material Lol

10 months ago

@Adam MOTZI 0

Feedback taken into account, I'll just upload another version with just the sbs and make a note to avoid this in the future.

9 months ago

Just as a tip, when people see a file size that large they might assume it's bitmap based instead of procedural, which defeats the purpose of using substance materials. That aside, it's really good work.