CC_TriangleShapes SBSAR contains:
- Custom Triangles with 3 position points
- Right Angle Triangles with 2 position points
- Isosceles Triangles with 2 position points
- Equilateral Triangle
- Additional Roundness control for any shape

NOTE: If Roundness is too high, Triangle will disappear
NOTE: All 3 position UI points are always visible

Substance Designer 2019.2.0 or newer is required.

Please check out my Artstation for more work:

Uploaded: almost 2 years ago
Updated: almost 2 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: CC_TriangleShapes.sbsar
Size: 2.12 KB


almost 2 years ago

A good node, but unfortunately 8 bits. This is the basic shape and is commonly used to build height. If this is for the painter, then perhaps this is enough. Please correct to 16 bits by default. Thank.
It would not be bad to add 4 more control points and 5 points, this is enough. Thanks again.

almost 2 years ago

@vadsura thank you for your feedback. I have some future plans for this node that require a bug fix in Designer, but I will also incorporate 16bit default. I did not see this as being an issue due to the Triangle shape generated is not anti-aliased, however I see Allgorithmics Shape and Polygon nodes are 16bit default so I will do the same. As far as adding more points, perhaps a future N-Gon node will be made at some point, the math will be a bit more complicated but it's a good idea.

over 1 year ago

Thanks. I will wait with impatience.

over 1 year ago

For now, I will use 2 of these nodes with a bland to build rectangles.