Unity HDRP smart mask to S. Painter PBR


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Do you need to convert a "mask map" texture for Unity HDRP into a PBR for Substance Painter?

This material converts the RGBA mask map texture into metal rough PBR useful channels.

Import this material in Substance Painter. Import this material in Substance Painter. Drag and drop this material into the object or layer tab. In the properties drag and drop your mask material into the input texture.

Will convert the R to metallic, Alpha Roughness to Substance Painter smoothness and G channel to ambient occlusion (you need to active AO in S.Painter).

Attention: The B channel (detail texture) is not converted.

You can also use Substance Player to export individual channels to textures files.

Substance Designer:
You can make modify or improve the .sbs file by following the screenshot image or better using the original file in GitHub:

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Updated: over 1 year ago
Version: 1
File Name: HDRP_toPBR_v03.sbsar
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