Mesh of MAT, for the "Meet MAT 2: The 2020 Substance 3D Painting Contest"
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Uploaded: 5 days ago
Updated: 4 days ago
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File Name: MeetMat_2.FBX
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3 days ago

This looks like the meet mat 1 mesh, and looks different to the one on the competition. Just to be clear, are we using this mesh and not the robot looking one?

3 days ago

(derp, I think those might be displacements on the model in the contest page.)

MrAzureAngel they aren't displacement maps. It's an entirely different mesh. Open it in Sketchfab and click the wireframe view mode and you can see it's a new mesh. It's weird to see the links all opening the old mesh. They have made it seem like a new mesh is available for this comp, but the new MeetMat mesh is not available anywhere I can see. It's all the old MeetMat mesh. Pretty disappointing.

3 days ago

The one on sketchfab def have displacements maps, just check the map on the tab under Material Channels, not the wireframe

3 days ago

Griffin it's displacement don't be disappointed make a displacement map.
Its great allow displacement this time, can't wait to see the madness that gets published!

Yes I admit my mistake. I see how it works now. I am quite new to displacement to be honest, so this is really mindblowing for me. Can't wait to see what I can do with the new displacement technique.